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Shop Small Spotlight Application


Thank you for your interest in being featured on Shop Small Spotlight. As much as I would like to purchase and feature each one of your small businesses on this channel, its just not always possible. For this reason, I have added the option for you to apply to send me an item (at your own cost) to be featured and reviewed. In order to make sure that your item is an item that I feel comfortable reviewing, I ask that you fill out the following form to apply to be featured.

Once you fill out the form, I will review your item that you wish to be featured as well as your shop. If you are approved I will send you an email letting you know of your approval. Please do not send items until you have received this email. If you do send an item without approval, I do not guarantee I will feature it. If you aren’t approved, please don’t take it personal and please don’t stop creating! I never want to discourage anyone, I just want to make sure that the products I am reviewing are products that I will actually use and do justice!

I truly want this channel to be encouraging to all small business owners, however I will also need to be honest for your customers. For this reason, if something doesn’t meet my standards of a positive review, I will reach out to you to try to resolve this first. If you would like for me to no longer feature your item, you make request your item back however you are responsible for the cost of the return shipping.

I will do my best to approve your application with in 2 weeks time and post your featured spotlight with in 2 weeks of receiving the item.

Please fill out the following form to send in your application. Once you receive approval to send your item, you can do so to the following address

Ashley Muller
PO Box 490
Springfield, NE 68059

I can’t wait to see all of your amazing creations! Also, as a special thank you to you, I have created a Featured on Shop Small Spotlight sticker that I will offer to anyone who is chosen to be featured. Once the video of your product is posted, I will send you a coupon code to receive your free sticker!

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